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Discover the art and beauty of Santa Maria Novella


You do not have to schedule your visit during opening times of the booked date

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We recommend to choose carefully the ticket type. The reduced (or free) tickets without the required qualifications will be canceled with a new mandatory ticket purchase.

Full price € 7.5
Reduced price € 5.0

Qualifications for reduced price:

  • children from 11 to 18 years of age (upon presentation of a valid identity card)
Free of charge € 0,00

Qualifications for free admission:

  • residents of the Municipality of Florence (upon presentation of a valid identity card)
  • children under 11 years of age
  • disabled visitors and eventually to their carers
  • members of religious orders or congregations and diocesan clergy
  • leaders of school parties or groups (1 free entry every 15 people)
  • Italian Tour Guides (upon presentation of a valid license)
  • members of ICOM, ICOMOS and ICCROM

Visitors to the site of Santa Maria Novella must respect the following rules:

No smoking;

Do not consume food or beverages;

Behave in a respectful and appropriate manner befitting the location;

Respect silence;

Wear suitable clothes;

Store any umbrellas or objects that could cause damage to the works of art in the umbrella holder or at the entrance;

Do not use mobile/cell phones inside the Church;

Do not bring animals;

Do not leave bags, suitcases or personal effects in the Church;

Do not go beyond the protective cordons around each work of art;

Do not touch any works of art in the building;

Respect the security staff and all those present;

Supervise any children, disabled, elderly or people partially or not totally self-sufficient, for whom you are responsible.

Do not take photos or video footage with flash or tripods*.

For security reasons you can not enter the complex with bulky luggage or trolley

* Photographing, filming, and all types of reproduction are regulated by Circular No. 02/2008 of February 6, 2008, of the Central Directorate for the Administration of the FEC. Whoever may need to undertake such photographing or filming for their studies or work or for purely personal reasons and may not otherwise have permission granted, should contact the Prefecture of Florence to submit a request.

These are the contact informations:

Prefettura di Firenze

Dott. Vincenzo Arancio

055 27831